Say.exe - a simple command line text to speech program for Windows

by martin 24. October 2008 19:28

I remember back to the old days of my Commodore 64 .  Way back in the early eighties, I had a command line program to be able to have the computer say what you type on the command line.  I was very surprised that nothing like this is freely available on the net for windows.  Microsoft provides both the "MS Agent" COM api as well as the SAPI api, but no easy way to utilize either.

This is a real simple program that simple uses the MS SAPI api.  Simple run "Say.exe Hello world!" and have your computer say hello to the world.

Here is a link to a statically linked EXE:  SayStatic.exe

Here is a link to a dyncamically linked EXE (MSVCRT.dll version 8 / Visual Studio 2008 (9) ):  SayDynamic.exe


Here is a link to the source code.

Put it up on a publically accessible network share and use System Internal's psexec.exe (now owned by Microsoft) and have fun freaking folks out.


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Local IP Address bug in some JVMs

by martin 21. October 2008 23:47

This guy from Spi Dynamics (now HP) told me how you can get the local IP address in some browser / JVM combinations a few months back.;

Click here to see if you are at risk.

Inside an applet, you seem to always be able to get the internal ip address using code like :

String strLocalIPAddress = (new Socket(strWebHost, intPort)).getLocalAddress().getHostAddress();

I haven't been able to get this work via javascript. Go to see Lars Kindermann's MyAddress applet to check if you are at risk:

I also ran across a cool DNS Pinning applet/service that did port scanning.

Now add in CIFS / SMB into your dns pinned applet and ? ?  

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Single Button Mouse for Kids

by martin 3. October 2008 23:07

A while back, I looked around the internet for a simple one button mouse that my 3 year old could use to play the games on  I was surprised that there was no cheap mice like this available.  My kid was young and having a hard time clicking only the left mouse button, so I decided to write a small program that would allow me to easily switch so that all the mouse buttons functioned as the left mouse button.

Now I simply fire up one exe and then I can launch IE in kiosk mode (via "c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -k ) and I can walk away and let my kids have relatively safe fun playing games on the computer.

Here is a link to the program:  SingleButtonMouse.exe

When run, it will automatically go into single button mode and add a notification icon to your task bar (click on this to toggle back to multi button mode).  It has been tested to work in Windows 2000, XP, and 2008.  (It should work in Vista too.)


For those interested, the source code is available here.  It is written in C# (requires .Net 2.0 runtime) and uses windows api hooking.

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