Chrome browser first impressions

by martin 2. September 2008 23:00

Ok... so the download site wasn't up until afternoon and there was no links on anywhere until afterwards (although did return a 404 uniquely). 

Anyway... it surprisingly works well even thought it is still beta ( version only ).  I heard that it was a pre-release due to a leak which may explain why the site states that there is no download for Linux yet and that the SVN Linux branch does not compile to a working version.

I like the search control, it is even better than Firefox's.  When will IE and other products finally realize that a docked search textbox that is non-intrusive with viewing the results is the way to go.  I'm so tired of always having to move my find dialog around to see if my searched term is hiding underneath it.

I was also disappointed to see that the internets only FREE CA wasn't included in the built in CA cert pack.

The drag tab into a new browser window UI trick is great.  And it looks like Google beat MS to getting incognito mode to the masses before IE 8 is readily available (without a plugin like FF).

Looks like a great start..... kudos Google for a nice job.  Now it is Firefox's turn to get rid of the sluggishness that came with the 3.0 upgrade (I've actually downgraded back to 2.0 on my slower machines) and show that they too can innovate still.  With Safari for Windows available too, there is a lot of great choices now.....

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